Operation find Arti a home!

I’ve had my foster dog Arti for almost a year and a half. He’s an amazing dog! He has food allergies and is dog selective. He loves people though as long as we trust them! Just like his foster mommy! Please check out his facebook page: Facebook.com/artibull


I refuse to give up on him!
Good with cats
Good with people
Good with older kids
Good with most dogs
Super smart and eager to please!
Loves walks and swimming!

The Three Stooges

A kind lady found 3 dogs dodging traffic one day before the snow got really bad here in AR. She contacted a local rescue who agreed to take in these 3 dogs, I went to go help by picking up these dogs from the lady and letting them hang out at my house for an hour before they went into boarding with the rescue.
Last minute, the boarding facility backed out and then so did the rescue.

So I’m left with three extra dogs that were covered in ticks and had clearly never been to a vet.

Then, the snow hit, so everything was shut down. The rescue that backed out on them told me to take them to the shelter, so I did. It broke my heart and I cried my eyes out for a couple days.

Then with the help of some pretty awesome friends and other rescues we raised $500 in 2 days to adopt them out of the shelter, pay for all their vet care and found 3 amazing fosters to keep them until they go to their rescue, Last Hope K9 rescue in MA.

All three dogs are fully vetted, tested heartworm negative, are clean, loved, and are learning all types of social skills!

The power of social media campaigning is amazing!


Above is Penny. She loves people, kids, dogs, cats, and chickens! Adoptable through Last hope k9 rescue.


Conan O’Brien a little shy at first but loves people with dogs! Likes cats and all people, available for adoption through last hope k9 rescue.


Duckey, loves to ride in cars, great with dogs and all people. Very mellow guy. Available for adoption with Last Hope K9 Rescue.

Pass the Jar- for seeing problems

While thinking of this fundraising idea, I have been thinking of different issues it could have, I have also been talking with others about it.

One issue brought up to me was what if the person A. Cant donate right now B. Cant foster C. Doesnt have facebook what can this person do?

Not sure what the answer is here, any feedback is welcomed.

Bebop- my most recent endeavour

Bebop is a 5 month old pit bull puppy that less than a week ago was in a kinda poopy situation.

His previous owner had been given him by one of her friends, she didnt have the financial ability to care for 1 pet much less three dogs.

She worked long days and some days she had no way to get to her home to care for her dogs which were kept inside, for their protection, (bad neiborhood).

At one point she was rationing their food because she had no money to buy more.

Lucky for Bebop, she had the courage to reach out for help. This is when Bebop found rescue, and a foster home before he left to his new beginning.

I started a gofundme account asking for donations for his vet care, I monitored it daily and did daily updates and pictures to help keep people involved and looking! In less than 1 week the funds were donated.

Bebop leaves his southern home in 3 weeks to join the amazing team of rescuers at Coco Hearts Rescue in Minnesota! A great transport team called Southern Paws Transport, helped find a rescue to take him and are also transporting him there once he is fully vetted!

I am just over joyed with the power of social media and all the people who cared enough to help give him a better life!!


Pass the Jar- in the works

So, this idea is somewhat like the old school chain letters, but less intrusive and hopefully more fun!

Start off by getting a jar or a few and creating options to put in the jar.

Currently I have 3 options in mind, working on some other options for those who may not meet any of these: 1. Donate
2. Foster
3. Like and share the organization’s FB page.
Then pass to a friend, coworkee, or family member.

Problem: The person is unable to donate or foster and doesn’t use facebook, whats in it for them?

Problem: How to keep the jar from becoming stagnant?

Problem: How to get the jar back at the end or just let the jar stay out there?

As you can see I am in the beginning stages. More to come as progress is made.

Why this?

I figure for now, since I am new to this I will start out with why.

I graduated college a few years ago with my degree in psychology and nonprofit management. I was full of hope and passion. I applied at my internship for a job and to my surprise didn’t get it, though I had wonderful reviews from my supervisor. “I didn’t have enough experience”. Well How do I get experience if no one ever gives me a chance?

I work full time as a vet assistant, I also walk and board dogs at my house for extra money on the side.

I am now less hopeful for job opportunities but still passionate about nonprofit. My true love is dog rescue. I also really like working with underprivileged kids. I love the dynamics of fundraising and community outreach/education.

A friend of mine told me “you should start a blog about what you do for rescues”. So here I am. I want to use this as a tool to connect with like minded people and as somewhat of a portfolio.

Started from the bottom now i'm here!

Started from the bottom now i’m here!